Shiffon is an online store for the Sudanese Thoub, Toub, Tiab, Tyab or Toob. We are one of the leading online shops, who specialize in these unique cloths. Our varieties of different fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, voile, and pure silk, make us an interesting site to buy from.

Despite the outside influence of other cultures and alternative fashion, Al-Toub, Thoub or Tiab remains central to Sudanese women’s wardrobe, and complements woman elegance

Our designers are confident that they can make a world of difference in your style, by offering a comprehensive range of colour, pattern, fabrics, and custom made thoub. Shiffon fashion expert is exclusively dedicated to assisting individuals to choose from the different range of styles and quality.

All our products are guaranteed and are of the highest quality, to give our customers an enjoyable experience when shopping with us. Please, feel free to explore the site and the different ranges we offer.